Mangomoji Cookies Policy

Welcome to Mangomoji! Your privacy is of great importance to us, and we are fully committed to protecting it. Our app uses emojis to tap into the emotions of music so that we can recommend songs that truly resonate with how you feel. In line with the General Data Protection Regulation (GDPR), we are transparent about the collection, use, and management of your personal data. This policy outlines our practices concerning cookies.

Effective Date: 2024/01/01

How Cookies Are Used in Mangomoji

  • Cookies play a vital role in enhancing your experience with Mangomoji. The two types of cookies used within our app are described below along with their purposes and the information they track:

1. Required Cookies

  • Purpose:
    These cookies are necessary for the app to function and cannot be disabled. They ensure the app's core features, like security and network management, work as intended.
  • Information Tracked:
    No personal or identifiable information is collected—only data essential for the operation of the app.
  • Data Retention:
    The information from required cookies is not stored beyond your active session and is designed to expire once you close the app, in compliance with legal requirements.

2. Performance Cookies (Mixpanel)

  • Purpose:
    When you opt to accept all cookies, these allow us to collect insights into app usage in order to improve functionality and user satisfaction. Such cookies help us identify popular features, places where users face difficulties, and trends in music preferences.
  • Information Tracked:
    Data collected includes, but is not limited to, emoji selections, songs listened to, user interaction points, session duration, device type, and crash reports. Importantly, this information is aggregated and anonymised—your individual identity remains unknown to us through this data.
  • Data Retention:
    The information collected through Mixpanel is retained for a maximum of 26 months to comply with legal obligations and for ongoing analysis. Post this period, the data is either deleted or further anonymised so it cannot be linked back to any individual.

How to choose

If you choose "Accept Required Cookies," only the essential cookies will function. Opting for "Accept All Cookies" or "Accept All" will enable both required and performance cookies, helping us continually improve Mangomoji.

Contact Us

For further inquiries, changes to your cookies settings or concerns about our cookie usage, data tracking, or any related matter, please feel free to get in touch with us at - [email protected]